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Name Maddalena Peninsula
Site added 2008-03-17 11:28:00
Year of investigation 2006
Country Italy
Region Sicily
Province Siracusa
Site type Area (400 meters)
Time all
Latitude 37.0370
Longitude 15.3143
Datum WGS84
Elevation 5
Previous elevation
Distance 70
Previous distance
Geomorphic setting Other
Site Type
  • Coast
Site description The peninsula is a calcareous semi-horst gently tilted to the ENE, formed by Miocene sediments that along the coast are unconformably covered by Pleistocene calcarenites.
Paleotsunamis [New]
Event n° Lab. youngest age Youngest calendar age Lab. oldest age Oldest calendar age Preferred age
Event n° 1 --±-- [--, --] 539±44 [1677, 1950] --
Bibliography [Edit]
Authors Year Title Journal/Report
Scicchitano G., C. Monaco And L. Tortorici 2007 Large boulder deposit by tsunami waves along the Ionian coast of south-eastern Sicily (Italy). Marine Geology