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Name Stavros
Site added 2009-11-30 19:16:00
Year of investigation 1999
Country Greece
Province Astypalaea Island
Site type Point
Time all 1956
Latitude 36.5775
Longitude 26.3369
Datum WGS84
Elevation 10
Previous elevation
Distance 100
Previous distance
Geomorphic setting Other
Site Type
  • Natural exposure
Site description The Aegean Sea Tsunami occurred in July 9th 1956
Paleotsunamis [New]
Event n° Lab. youngest age Youngest calendar age Lab. oldest age Oldest calendar age Preferred age
Event n° 1 550±40 [1724, 1962] --±-- [--, --] 1956 AD
Bibliography [Edit]
Authors Year Title Journal/Report
Dominey-Howes D.T.M. 1996 Sedimentary deposits Associated with the July 9th 1956 Aegean Tsunami Pergamon
Dowiney-Howes D., A. Cundy, I. Croudace 1999 High energy marine flood deposits on Astypalaea Island, Greece: possible evidence for the AD 1956 southern Aegean tsunami Marine Geology