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Name St. Agnes
Site added 2009-10-10 16:47:00
Year of investigation 1993
Country U.K.
Region England
Province Scilly Isles
Site type Area (1000 meters)
Time all 1700
Latitude 49.8897
Longitude -6.3461
Datum WGS84
Elevation 5
Previous elevation 0
Distance 0
Previous distance 0
Geomorphic setting Lagoon
Site Type
  • Engine core
Site description
Paleotsunamis [New]
Event n° Lab. youngest age Youngest calendar age Lab. oldest age Oldest calendar age Preferred age
Event n° 1 --±-- [1474, 1672] --±-- [1751, 1795] --
Bibliography [Edit]
Authors Year Title Journal/Report
Foster I.D.L., A.G. Dawson, S. Dawson, J.A. Lees AND L. Mans- Field 1993 Tsunami sedimentation sequences in the Scilly Isles, South-West England. Science Of Tsunami Hazards