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Name Snarravoe
Site added 2008-10-10 16:42:00
Year of investigation 2005
Country United Kingdom
Region Scotland
Site type Point
Time all 10000
Latitude 60.6923
Longitude -0.9579
Datum WGS84
Elevation 0
Previous elevation 0
Distance 0
Previous distance 0
Geomorphic setting Coastal lake
Site Type
  • Other
Site description
Paleotsunamis [New]
Event n° Lab. youngest age Youngest calendar age Lab. oldest age Oldest calendar age Preferred age
Event n° 1 --±-- [--, --] --±-- [--, --] 8150 BP
Bibliography [Edit]
Authors Year Title Journal/Report
Bodevik S., Mangerud J., Dawson S., Dawson A. And Lohne O. 2005 Evidence for three North Sea Tsunamis at the Shetland Islands between 8000 and 1500 yr ago Quaternary Science Reviews