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Name Torre S. Emiliano
Site added 2008-05-05 14:07:00
Year of investigation 2006
Country Italy
Region Puglia
Province Otranto
Site type Area (1200 meters)
Time all
Latitude 40.0874
Longitude 18.4934
Datum WGS84
Elevation 10
Previous elevation
Distance 90
Previous distance
Geomorphic setting Other
Site Type
  • Coast
Site description The boulder accumulation rests on a wide marine terraces platform, about 150 m wide, and stretches from 10 m to about 4 m above sea level. A 13 m high paleocliff, marked by the flows of small river valleys, borders the platform landward; the outer border is a steep cliff, deeply modified by coastal karstic features. The marine terraced surface is mantled by a thin colluvial cover made of red clayey sands which thickens seaward.
Paleotsunamis [New]
Event n° Lab. youngest age Youngest calendar age Lab. oldest age Oldest calendar age Preferred age
Event n° 1 --±-- [--, --] 519±40 [1495, 1806] 1743, 20 Febraury
Bibliography [Edit]
Authors Year Title Journal/Report
Mastronuzzi G., C. Pignatelli, P. Sanso` And G. Selleri 2007 Boulder accumulations produced by the 20th of February, 1743 tsunami along the coast of southeastern Salento (Apulia region, Italy). Marine Geology