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Welcome in the Euro-Mediterranean Paleotsunami Database.

This Database was developed within the frame of the EC TRANSFER project with the aim to collect data on tsunami inundations occurred in the past.
Evidence of paleotsunamis is derived from coastal stratigraphy bacause of the presence of peculiar sediments or boulders. Dating of the paleotsunami deposits helps in correlating events with historical tsunamis or previous ones.
This Database provide mainly two types of information of use for developing tsunami scenarios and time dependent hazard calculations: locations of past inundations and their frequency.

The data input in this database will be included in the TRANSFER GIS Database and shared among project partners and DB contributors. Each entry has a reference that should be quoted if the data are used.

To input data you should register and get your password.

DB contributors can download the database entries, whereas guests can ask data by filling the request form.